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There is no point in recording HD videos if you cannot process the sound properly. For any YouTuber, it is a must to have a good microphone. Thanks to the saturated world market, each and every brand has been manufacturing and launching its own unique piece of technology and microphones are no exception. There are so many different microphones to choose from and they differ based on the purpose you wish to use it for. Therefore, instead of letting you fish, we have brought you a list of top 10 microphones that are considered as best for YouTubers.

Best microphone for youtube

Blue Snowball iCE

Snowball iCE is one of the best microphones you can find on the internet. The cool calm Snowball iCE makes the dream of recording high quality sound true. With easy to use instructions, it provides the best sound quality for your voice and video recordings. Moreover, the noise cancelling feature reduces any unnecessary voice in the background. It is a simple plug and play device with the potential to be used in any environment such as home, office or anywhere where it can be used. 

Setting up Snowball iCE is extremely simple, position it on the stand and simply plug the USB cable to begin. Once it is connected, you are good to record high quality audio instantly. It has two microphones attached, one in the front and one in the back to record the audio better. Moreover, it is available at a very affordable price.

Other features of this microphone include, improving audio quality on online application such as Skype, Twitch and FaceTime, purest audio for your YouTube videos, easily create podcasts and add narrations and is also considered great for recording instruments and vocals. The pros and cons of Snowball iCE microphone are measured below.

  • Crystal clear sound recording for YouTube videos
  • Very good for recording commentaries and adding narrations
  • Has two microphones, one in the front and one in the back, for clearer sound quality
  • Comes with a stand
  • Easy setup with plug and play feature
  • Available at an affordable price
  • May not be the perfect microphone when it comes to vocals
  • Need to be handled with care

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Yeti is very popular for its advanced technology; you can achieve light years ahead of sound recording with Yeti compared to other microphones in the market. It is also considered as the most versatile multi pattern USB microphone available in any market world-wide. The high quality sound recordings can be possible with Yeti’s combination of three capsules and four completely different pattern settings. It is designed to look truly professional during any of the recording sessions.

The new design on Yeti gives a very bold and stylish touch to its already famed functionality. It can be used to capture almost any sound with perfect clarity. Moreover, thanks to the three capsule technology, Yeti can be used to record in four different patterns which are stereo, cardiod, omni-directional and also bidirectional. Also, with this microphone zero latency monitoring is possible because of the built-in headphone amplifier.

The strength of Yeti lies behind its composition which includes a high quality A_D converter, a built in headphone amplifier and also direct control buttons for volume, selecting patterns, mute and microphone gain. The stylish, lightweight and highly efficient microphone is Yeti. The pros and cons are given below.

  • Features three capsules and four different pattern settings
  • Easy to setup with USB plug and play
  • Records crystal clear sound
  • Looks very stylish and bold
  • Uses a built-in headphone amplifier for zero latency monitoring
  • Considered best for commentaries and vocals
  • It is a high end microphone with high price

CAD U37 Condenser Recording Microphone


The CAD U37 comes from a trusted brand that has been in this line of business for over 85 years. The audio from CAD is said to be used by professionals and can be used in various kinds of situations like recording, broadcasting, live performance and conferences. CAD audio is one of the leaders in manufacturing innovative, cost effective and highly efficient microphones.

The new CAD U37 is a mix of style and clarity. You can record HD videos with high quality sound, play multiplayer games online with friends or create voiceovers with the best audio quality. It is known for its ultralow noise and internal noise reduction features that rejects any background distortions. The U37 microphone from CAD has the potential to record studio like audio quality right at your home.

The CAD U37 has an amazing set of features at your disposal. Like most of the microphones now, CAD U37 is also USB based plug and play. Its extended frequency response along with the smooth interpretation feature makes it an ideal microphone for singing speech or for recording instrumentals. The pros and cons of CAD U37 are mentioned below.

  • It’s large condenser make it ideal for rich recordings
  • Comes with cardiod pick-up pattern
  • Considered excellent for singing and speech due to its extended frequency response
  • ~10db overload protection switch
  • Bass reduction ability to minimize room noise
  • A long USB cable for flexible connections
  • Is available at an affordable price
  • There are no cons


Small sized microphones are extremely handy at times. The small size makes it not only easily portable but can also be slipped into the pocket easily. One such pocket friendly microphone is Zoom H1, however its small size has nothing to do with its ability to record high quality sounds. It can be used to swiftly record song ideas, record meetings and conferences and also is a lot faster and easier way of taking notes.

The Zoom H1 introduces the world with a real simple to use technology. Recording your videos with clear sounds is now extremely easy. The x/y microphone setup makes it easy to cover wide areas while capturing sound waves in the centre with complete clarity, which makes it an ideal microphone for stereo type recordings. The only problem one can face with Zoom H1 is buying one, it is priced just too costly for a YouTuber’s expectation, although the price is just worth the features being offered.

The microphone is very small and handy in size but is still an USB based. You can record content anywhere and once you are done recording, you can simply connect it to the computer and save it to use it when needed. The Zoom H1 microphone is an amazing microphone that is small in size but big in features. The pros and cons of Zoom H1 are mentioned below.

  • Stereo X/Y mic configuration
  • Can be used to record mp3s, broadcasts, conferences and live performances
  • A high speed 2.0 USB port
  • Includes a 2 GB micro SD card along
  • Includes 1 AA battery
  • Track marker function
  • Low cut filter
  • Built in reference speaker
  • Easily portable, can fit in the pocket
  • Priced too high
  • The small size is difficult to locate when lost

Zoom H6


Zoom H6 might be the prettiest thing you will see in the microphone world. It is the most advanced portable microphone ever. Its unique technology blend gives you the ability to record anything with perfect sound quality. Whether you are recording a live interview or working on a new song, Zoom H6 will change the way you thing about sound recording forever.

The special thing about Zoom H6 is its utilization of two interchangeable capsules which are as easy to remove as drinking water, moreover it comes with both types of mics X/Y and Mid stereo. The two capsules included are XYH-6 and MSH-6. While XYH-6 helps in conducting stereo X/Y recordings, MSH-6 helps in recording sound perfect films, videos or any other television media.

Apart from the included capsules, there are four other types of capsules that you can get externally. The four external capsules, which are Shotgun, Shockmounted X/Y, Dual XLR/TRS combo and Accessory pack are all can be used for different purposes allowing you to record the best possible sound quality. The only problem is that is priced quite high, which explains the small size and all those amazing sound recording features, however, it is worth it. The pros and cons are measured below.

  • Uses the innovative idea of interchangeable capsules
  • Allows six tracks of simultaneous recordings
  • SD card attachable up to 128 GB
  • Four mic system each with dedicated controls
  • Works on four AA alkaline batteries
  • Small in size and easily portable
  • Best for music, live recordings, commentaries and online conversations
  • Too costly

Takstar SGC-598 Microphone

This is an inexpensive way of improving the sound quality in your interview recordings. The TAKSTAR SGC-598 is a great microphone with features as good as any other high end microphone. It is easier to work with and helps you record the best quality sound both indoor and outdoor. Customers all over the world recognized TAKSTAR SGC-598 as one of the best microphones for recording high quality sound content.
takstar Microphone
  • Specially designed to enhance the quality of the sound recorded
  • Easy to setup and can be connected to the camera as well
  • The audio formats recorded are easier to work with
  • Reduces surrounding noise and internal noise produced by mechanical working
  • Is very inexpensive compared to other microphones with same features
  • Works as efficient as any other high end microphone.
  • It has no cons

Tascam DR-40


TASCAM DR-40 is the coolest microphone ever seen. It is like the combination of too good and too easy, TASCAM DR-40 has all the features you are looking for. It has a long battery life that lasts more than 20 hours and the small size makes it easy to carry around. With TASCAM DR-40 recording high quality sound is just a walk in the park.

It comes with adjustable mics and four track recording system. Apart from this, you can find a built-in stereo reverb effect, a speaker and a chromatic tuner. Other features of TASCAM include overdub mode, variable speed playback, limiting and low cut filter and much more. It’s simple to use interface makes it possible to record live sounds like no other can.

With TASCAM DR-40, you can record in both A-B and X-Y positions depending upon which one is needed. Moreover, it is proven that this microphone has the best sound pressure design. There is also a peak reduction function along with locking XLR/TRS inputs. With TASCAM DR-40 make your home and live sound recordings in the best quality possible. The pros and cons are compared below.

  • The microphone position can be switched from A-B to X-Y and vice versa anytime desired
  • 4 track recording technology
  • Dual recording feature that minimizes background noise and distortions
  • Perfect for home and live sound recordings
  • Long battery life
  • Priced a bit too costly
  • Working with audio formats can be difficult

Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro


Microphones from Rode have always been appreciated in the market. They are a trusted brand and makes their products high quality and efficient. One such product from Rode is Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro, which is without a doubt a true shotgun microphone. This microphone from Rode is specially designed to work with camcorders DSLR cameras and also portable audio recorders as a source of primary or reference audio.

The VMPR VideoMic Pro is one of the latest of the models and has the latest set of features included. The microphone is considered as one of the best to use while recording live interviews and performances. Apart from recording high quality sound, Rode VMPR is also known for its long lasting battery that allows up to 70 hours of recording in a single change.

Along with being easy setup tool, Rode VMPR has a power filter in the rear part that cancels the low level noise such as noise from air conditioners, traffic or anything else and prevents it from being recorded. The controls are placed at the rear too and are placed in a handy manner. Rode VMPR VideoMic is a result of innovative technology and is one of the most efficient microphones in the market. The pros and cons of Rode VMPR are discussed below.

  • Uses all new types of capsules with lower noise and high sensitivity
  • Is one of the best microphones for recording broadcasts
  • Integrated shock mounting
  • Integrated foam windscreen
  • Comes with 10 year warranty
  • Priced a lot more than other microphones with similar features in the market

AKG Pro Audio C214


The new cost effective AKG Pro Audio C214 was designed to tackle the high end C414 model in the market. Providing all the features in C414, this model is one of the best ones being used in studio recordings and wherever possible. The cool and calm AKG Pro is a microphone that is perfect for any sound recording situation be it stage recording, broadcasts, interviews and sometimes even live recordings. AKG pro is practically the microphone every YouTuber has been waiting for.

One of the good things about AKG Pro is that it is music friendly. Since most of the YouTubers these days tend to add music on their channel one way or the other, its launch is a major commotion across the world. It is already well popular and is being used in many famous studios to record their broadcasting sessions. It works extremely well when it comes to recording solo instruments, leads and vocals.

There is a lot of effort put in manufacturing the amazing AKG Pro, there is a switchable 20db attenuator along with a bass cut filter that gives you the best close up recordings with ultralow noise and reduction of proximity effect. You can also find an integrated suspension that reduces the noise made by the self mechanism. When it comes to the price, it’s obviously priced lower than C414, however is still costlier than many other microphones in this list. But the price is totally worth it considering the features and recording quality it offers. The pros and cons are measured below.

  • Includes the Sonic character from the C414 model
  • Outstanding dynamic range and ultralow noise
  • Switchable 20db attenuator and a bass cut filter attached to the rear
  • Integrated suspension to reduce internal noise
  • Is designed to look calm, cool and professional
  • Considered best for close up recordings
  • Extremely music friendly, best for recording solo instruments, leads and vocals
  • Is too costly, even though low priced than C414 model it is one of the most costliest microphones on this list

Samson C01


Samson C01 is the ultimate solution for any YouTuber looking for an affordable microphone that works exactly like a high end one. The Samson C01 is designed to fit in any situation, although it is considered best for recording instruments, leads, vocals or even drums. The perfect sound clarity is just what every recording need and with Samson C01’s amazing features, achieving the goal is now easy.

The new C01 uses cardiod pickup pattern as primary and has a large 19mm diaphragm that produces a smooth flat frequency response. With its two ultra thin membranes in place, this microphone pickups even the feeblest noise with most perfect stability. The new Samson C01 is not only highly efficient but also has a solid construction and stability.

Designed beautifully Samson C01 is the most versatile and pocket friendly microphone on the list. It is easy to setup and can be used on the go. It comes with a heavy gauge mesh grill, gold plated XLR connector and a stand that can be used to mount the device. The Samson brand has been in this business for over two decades and the availability of high quality device at a low price should not raise any trust issues. The brand is a trusted one and gladly provides warranty on their products. The pros and cons of this microphone are mentioned below.

  • Uses Cardiod pickup pattern
  • Has a large dual layer 19 mm diaphragm
  • Heavy gauge mesh grill
  • Gold plated XLR connector
  • An indicating LED for 48V phantom power
  • Records smooth flat frequency response
  • Solid construction and stability
  • Extremely music friendly
  • Comes with a stand to be mounted
  • This microphone has no cons

Being a good YouTuber does not only mean producing high definition videos, sound quality of the sound is also one of the main concepts of recording. Therefore, it becomes important to include a microphone to improve the sound quality of the video. Microphones mentioned above are all extremely efficient and works better than most of the microphones in the market. These are highly rated and reviewed as the best microphones for YouTubers by the customers who already used them.

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