How to Make $100 Fast in a Day 2018


how to make $100 fast

Nowadays people are fascinating to make money online. Even I also try some methods to earn money online. But most of the processes are fake or you have to pay a good amount of money to start.

In this post, I’m going to share some best method that I try and successfully earn $100 quickly without spending a single penny for that.

Most of these below mention process can be done through your Smartphone few of them might need a desktop or laptop.

So let’s start to explore.




Best Ways To Make $100 Fast


Start a Micro investing account

If you are thinking about micro investing then you should try Acorns. An app that helps you in the investment field without spending much money and time.

Actually acorns roundup all your expenses and they invest those round up extra money in the different stock market.
For example, you have purchased something that cost you $4.59 but acorns will round up your expenditure from $4.59 to $5 and they spend that extra $0.41 roundup money to buy some stocks for you.

Currently acorns offering $5 signup bonus for new users. So go and grab that $5 bonus. It’s FREE.

Get Cashback if Price Drop

Paribus brings the most innovative idea to get cashback from your online shopping. No need to do any work for that. Just install paribus app, it will automatically integrate with your gmail and it will check all of your recent online purchase receipts. If it found any product that cost you higher when you purchase but currently product price is below your purchased price.

Then it will automatically contact the shopping site and initiate a refund or cash back of that extra amount.

So without doing any stuff, this app can save your money from your regular online shopping.

Plus if your ordered product didn’t ship to within their shipping date. Then they will make a refund of your shipping amount. isn’t great.

So go and try paribus. its FREE

Take Survey

Survey junkie is one of the leading online survey sites. Like Swagbucks, it didn’t offer any other money making an opportunity like watching video or surf the internet to earn money. Its completely focused on the survey.

By completing each survey you can earn anything in $.25 – $1.5. Each survey hardly takes 2-5 minutes to complete. So you can easily complete 20-30 survey each day.

Be active on survey junkie, sometimes they listed some high price ( $40 above) survey also.

let’s Start to make money by taking surveys!

If you want to check all legit survey site at one place. Then you should check panel place. Panel Place a perfect place to find all legit survey sites with survey.

Save money everyday with this simple App

Install Digit App and save small amount of money everyday.

After installing digit connect your bank account with digit and relax.

Digit automatically analyze your spending and automatically save perfect amount of money everyday.

Just join Digit. Its Free For first 30 days.

Earn money by testing app

Appcoiner is one of the best site to earn money from smartphone without any investment.

Create an account in Appcoiner (It’s FREE).

Now choose app from their app review database, download and test that app on your smartphone or tablet.

Then write an honest review about that app in appcoiner app review section and get paid for your every successful testing and review.

Go and Join appcoiner and start making money !

Earn money by playing video games

want to earn money by palying video games. Then this gaming jobs site is perfect for you.

In this site just create your account ( Its Free).

Choose any game from their database. Start playing. After playing give an honest feedback and take cash for that.

Join games job online and start earning.

Earn money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most lucrative way to earn money from online. To make healthy money from affiliate marketing a website in mandatory. At the end of the post I also describe how you can create your website by investing $100-$150 only. An authority blog can bring $100000 month if you done affiliate marketing properly.

Here I listed some best affiliate network that you should join

Shareasale – A perfect place to join multi niche affiliate program from one dashboard. Even before joining any affiliate program you can check recent product sale time, affiliate commission percentage, tier commission details, cookie details, banner etc.

WPengine – A WordPress hosting company providing $200 for every successful referral. Join WPengine affiliate share your link with your friend and earn money.

ClickbankSimilar affiliate network like Shareasale. Major difference is in shareasale you might need to fulfill some certain criteria to get approve from some affiliate network. But in clickbank approval process is easy.

Amazon – Get 4%-10% commission on every successful purchase through your affiliate link.


Get Money for Download ibotta

Another cashback app that want to gives free money ? Seriously. No bullshit.

Ibotta offering $10 bonus to all new customers. And $100 bonus for every new customer if he/she refer 3 friends. After that, each refers they will get $10.

Ibotta mainly focused on grocery store shopping.

 Start a Blog

Initially for this process it needs some money to buy domain, hosting and themes.

Blogging is one of the best processes to make money online. But to get a proper income through blogging you have to give some time to take it’s from $10 to $1000 monthly with some smart work and proper determination.

Process to start blogging – 

  • Buy a Domain name from godaddy. Use our below search box to find available domain name.
  • Buy a Hosting from Godaddy or Bluehost. ( if you buy hosting from Bluehost then you will get a free domain)
  • Now install WordPress
  • Install the necessary plugin and start blogging.
Note – If you want to do all these installation related stuff by me. Then contact me, I will do all these kinds of stuff even I will give one premium theme and some premium plugins.

Click here to read all process to earn money through blogging.

Freelancing Writing

Not only through writing if you have a skill you can do freelancing on graphic design, web designing, SEO and many more. Now many people are earning more than $10000 monthly by doing freelancing.

Again it takes time to get established as a freelancer. Initially, you might not get the regular order. But you have to stick to your plan to get success through freelancing.

Here is the list of some popular freelancing site – Freelancer, worknhire, guru.

Create accounts on those sites and start your freelancing career.


how to make $100 fast

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