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ibotta reviewShopping regular items for home is probably one of the largest categories of monthly spending of every family. Take groceries for example. It’s not something that you can avoid or reduce as it is directly linked to your living. It would be a great idea if you can get rewarded for this very necessary and unavoidable shopping every month. Yes, there is an app for that. Ibotta (Pronounced I bought a) is the app that you are looking for if you are wondering if you could reduce your grocery cost without reducing regular consumption. From groceries to electric items or having a dinner at a restaurant, Ibotta can save you good money every time you take out your purse to spend bucks.


What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a smartphone app running both on Android and Apple iOS platforms. It simply gives you cash rewards every time you go shopping.

Ibotta app has listed hundreds of different shops and store. Grocery shops, pharmacies, clothing shops, restaurants and café, departmental stores, home appliance, and improvement stores, just name it. You even can get different online shopping sites as well. Ibotta usually works for branded products, but guess what, in many cases, it will allow you to shop products from ‘ANY BRAND’ and you can get a great refund on whatever product you wish to buy. This way, whenever you go out for shopping at your favorite stores, just check out Ibotta if it has that shop listed in it.

The app is absolutely free.  Usually, Ibotta lets you choose some selected brands on certain products, but there are some other types of products where the brand doesn’t matter, you can easily get a refund for that. Like for example milk, cheese, tomatoes, eggs, bananas, bread, pasta, apples etc. There is also an option called ‘Team earning’. You can earn by forming a team and you can get extra bonus rewards for your team’s spending. The more your team spends, the more you earn!

How does ibotta work?

Ibotta is simple. If you are planning to shop, just open the Ibotta app. You already have some stores in your mind. Just go through the app to look for Ibotta affiliated stores. You can usually find the major stores located in your area. Be it Pubix, Walmart, Kroger, Target etc.

When you select a store, you will be shown a list of Ibotta offers available at the product gallery. Now you can see the rebate offers available. Carefully check it out so that you don’t end up regretting for other cooler rebate offers that you didn’t notice before shopping. Browse the products that are available and when you make up your mind of buying one, just click on it. Now, a task will be given to you for you to get a rebate. The tasks are as simple as biting a donut. It may be a request to like a facebook page, watching a video clip (usually 15-20 second long), answering some kind of surveys etc. After the task is done, you can click the ‘Unlock’ button to get the rebate.

Once you are done with selecting a product and completing tasks, now it’s time to go the shop. There are tons of stores and shops listed in Ibotta. It may be possible that your favorite shop is listed there as well. Just go to the shop and buy the product you have selected on Ibotta.

Ibotta uses a technique to identify genuine purchases. You will need to scan the barcode of the product and take a snap of the receipt. This is simple, when you get back home, start taking pictures of the receipts as you unpack your items. Click the ‘Verify’ button at the bottom and follow the prompts. Take a picture and you are done.

This way, Ibotta will process your information and it will start rewarding you your money. You can alternatively use Ibotta loyalty card at their preferred outlets and pay via the card. This way, no picture is required. Ibotta will carry the hassle for you.  It will take around 24 hours for Ibotta to send your saved money to your account.

Once you receive the payment and your account reach $10, you can transfer the amount to your Paypal account and use it. Alternatively, you can redeem it to get gift cards usable on iTunes, Starbucks etc.

 Ibotta Referral program

Yes, you can easily earn by shopper via Ibotta, but to earn real money, you can use the referral program as well. You can’t find anybody who does shopping but refuses to get cashbacks. So it can be super easy to convince your peers to use the app through your referral and earn more without even shopping yourself.

Ibotta Review – Pros and Cons

Some Plus points of Ibotta

It’s free

To be honest, anything that brings in good money needs at least some decent investment. In the case of Ibotta, it’s not needed. The app is free, using it is free and you get your money by following the regular process of shopping without even calculating much.

Get paid for what you do

Isn’t it great? You do not need to do something that you haven’t done before to get some cash. It is absolutely marvelous that you are getting paid for what you have already been doing for your lifetime – shopping. I mean, see, you will shop or go the grocers anyway. It’s a regular daily task we all do. Getting paid for this is beyond imagination but real. Isn’t that cool enough?

Ibotta is 100% real and legal ( No scam)

Most importantly, Ibotta is damn real. There are hundreds of reviews out there on the internet on Ibotta and how it really pays its users. People are getting real money using this app and this has been established. So it is fun and real that you can actually earn money by shopping.

Get any brand

Every week, there are offers for rebates of any brand purchase. So at least once a week, you can get products that you prefer and get rebates.

Some negative points of Ibotta

Nothing is all sweetened. There are some issues with everything that is awesome. Nothing is perfect. So is Ibotta. There are some complaints by the users and there are some other realities over Ibotta that may attract your attention before using the app.

The amount is little

Ibotta is a genuine app that makes you money. It pays like a genuine app as well. Meaning, the amount you earn with Ibotta app is not huge. You cannot support yourself with Ibotta earnings. The amount earned with the app can at best be termed as some extra income or extra money over your regular income which can help you spend a few bucks more. So it’s not going to be a huge income.

Smartphone needed

If anyone doesn’t have a smartphone, this offer is not for him. Ibotta solely depends on a smartphone app, be it Android or Apple. If you haven’t got a smartphone, sorry about that.

Available for selected products

One of the worst parts of the app is, you can get cash back on certain products that are listed on the app. Not all the products get the cash reward tag. If you are not into switching brands every now and then, you may find the whole system painful as you don’t want to buy whatever the app wants you to buy. The freedom of purchase may be hampered if you see it that way.

Temptation for spending

It’s natural that when you find something on a discount, your inner soul tempts you to buy the product, even if you do not need it. Ibotta app will display many items with attractive rebates that you actually do not need, but still, you may end up buying unnecessary items for the rebate only.

Only Paypal payment

Ibotta pays only via Paypal. It is also a problem for many users. Not all of them have a Paypal account. If you don’t have any Paypal account, sorry you cannot cash out your earning. Sad for you, but yeah, that’s how it works.

Minimum cash out amount is high

You can cash out your earning only when it reaches $10. Before that, you cannot redeem your bonus earnings. It can be very boring if you are not a regular shopper. Waiting for your earning to reach $10 can be pretty frustrating. Honestly speaking, the way Ibotta pays, it hardly takes a quick time for anyone to reach that level in a short time.


That’s it from us on Ibotta. This app is definitely genuine and worth using. Yes, it can be argued that the amount you earn is negligible but hey, you should think about the power of accumulation. If you save $10 every week, that’s $40 a month and $480 a year. Remember when it’s the last time you saved that amount in a year without doing necessarily anything?

The app is reviewed by many users on its site and other platforms and with all the limitation it’s a legit app to make good money via shopping.

ibotta review

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