Websites to Make Money by doing Voice Over Jobs from Home 2019


Have you got a great voice? Ever noticed how your friends compliment you for your smooth and attractive voice? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you should know that you can earn real money by using your voice sitting or relaxing at your very own home!

Yes, it’s true. There are many websites that allow you to use your voice to provide voice over services for different purpose like narrating stories, giving background voice for advertisement etc. All you get for this simple service is real cash. If you think it’s a great idea, then find out these 13 exciting websites where you can earn by doing voice over jobs from home.

Make Money By Doing Voice Over Jobs From Home 2019


Voice over jobs from home


We all know this site, right? You can sell your expertise for $5 at Fiverr. If you have a good voice, you can provide voice over services to anyone for $5. Just post a gig on Fiverr that you will provide the service for just $5 (Or even more, if you want). On you gigs, you need to post a sample of your voice over art for the clients to play and see if you fit for their project. If your gig attracts somebody, you can provide the service and earn real money right away. is a well-known site and is used by many big brands for voice over services like Discovery, History channel etc. Here, after you register, you can get a job of voice over services from thousands of clients. You need to provide an audition before you get the job. You will be asked to give voice over with a sample script from the client and you can provide your asking rate as well. Once you get selected, you get paid very smoothly as soon as you finish your job.

Voice bunny

At Voice bunny, you need to register yourself as a voice-over artist. You need to sit for an automated audition and once you get selected by the audition, you are eligible for being on their database. Clients can browse different voice over samples and they can listen to your one as well. If your voice turns out to be the voice they are looking for, they can book you for their project. You will be informed by the site that you have been selected for the job by a client and you will be asked to provide your service with their script. You do the job, you get paid.


We all have heard that voice record on our phone when you are on hold. It’s classy, isn’t it? Snaprecording is the place that provides such cool voice message services. The site focuses on phone voice record services and they are professional indeed. You can also become a professional voice message artist. Just register to the site and be available for the clients to listen to your voice. The clients can play the voice clips of different personnel and if they choose you to be the one behind their messages, you can earn great money from as lower as $50.


Yes, Upwork. It is a wide marketplace and nearly every possible service can be sold here, including voices over services. Just post a gig that you can do voice over of many types like reading audio-books, providing background voices for ads or presentations etc. At Upwork, you are really free to offer your service. It doesn’t have to be just an advertisement voice-over or a presentation. Whatever you are comfortable with, you can post a gig for that. Narration, book reading, messages, online messages and greetings whatever you find suitable for yourself, just advertise it at Upwork. You will definitely be noticed by the clients and if you can convince one, it is very easy to earn cash with just talking over a microphone.


Voice123 is a great place to work at as many big names have relied on this site. Namely Pixar, Universal, MTV etc. As a voice over talent, you can simply sign in to their program at the site and set up your profile for free. Next, you can upgrade your profile to a premium level for best job opportunities. Once a client posts a job offer, a smart algorithm lists all the best matches for the job and if you are one of them, you got to give an audition. If the client gets impressed with your voice over, you will be hired by the client and you will be paid directly by the client.


Appen is a crowd working place where different companies can get service from thousands of people working from home. It is a global leader in a human annotated dataset for AI and Machine learning. People can easily work from home and earn money through this site. They have different projects including voice over service. You can register as a contributor and apply for voice over jobs. Once selected, you can get paid easily.


Clickworker is a crowdsourcing marketplace where people can get simple jobs done by thousands of people around the around. People can contribute as Clickworkers. Among the varieties of jobs, you can find on the site, voice over service is what you are looking for. Just keep an eye on this site, go through the job postings and you can find different voice service based works once in a while. You can contribute to that job by simply recording from your home without any hassle.


Freelancer one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. There are numerous tasks for numerous people with different and diverse skills. If you are confident about your skills and expertise, do sign up as a freelancer here. You may get different job offers related to voice over service. There are actually many jobs related to voice art and voice over. All you need is to just bid and offer your competitive price. If you can get the job by bidding better, you may be contacted by a client and a personal interview will take place. You may need to provide a sample of your voice over art to the client and if you finally make it, you can easily earn secured money through the largest online working platform.


Earworks is a professional service provider that deals with music, audio and video solution and voice over services. If you are professional enough with your voice, you can easily apply here as a voice over talent. You need to send a sample of your voice talent and details about yourself. If you are selected by the site you can become a regular contributor to their site and get paid for your services whenever they find you suitable for any given job.

GoVoices is another cool platform you can work in. It has a wide variety of categories of voices for the clients to choose from. To become a contender, you need to submit a demo and make a professional submission. You must attach a sample MP3 file. It can take several months for the site to evaluate your application but still when you get selected; it’s a great place to start earning real money with just your voice.

Internetjock is a voice over service providing platform that ensures its customers the best voice service. They have a great list of voice artists working for them and guess what; you can be one of them. All you need is just go to ‘Become a jock’ page and register yourself with the site. All you need is just upload your voice sample and if you are considered as a talent by the site, you can become a jock. They charge 35% commissions on your earning and will pay you once a month.

Thevoicerealm is a site that concentrates solely on voice-over acts. Some giant names have been clients of this initiative including Microsoft. The basic idea is that the clients will search for the best voice they need and browse through the existing voice over samples posted on the site. Once they find the one they are looking for, they will request for an audition. If you are one of the selected voice artists by the client, you will be asked for a free audition. After the audition, if your voice seems to be the one they find the most suitable one, you will be selected for the job.

Conclusion –

So what are you waiting for? Try out these 13 cool websites that let you unleash your true potential with your voice. If you think your voice worth more than just satisfying yourself or being the center of your family parties, then you should definitely try your luck to make money with your voice. It is simple, less stressful, requires less mental pressure and above all, it is pretty much fun! Who knows, working from home like this, one day you may get a great breakthrough to give your voice to greater platforms to millions of listeners.

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