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free games to win moneyVideo Games. We all like to play it. It’s not all about kids’ stuff; adults are as addicted as kids in playing games nowadays. In fact, most of the video games produced these days are actually designed for adults. So yeah, it’s fun for all. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if playing mere games made you some good cash? Sounds awesome, right? Well, yes. You can actually earn money by playing games if you know what to play. Let’s jump into some details on games that pay you for playing.



Best Free games to win real money 2018 – 2019



Blast is an android app that is made for savings. It gives you the opportunity to save and win real cash for just playing games. You can use it on any platform, like Google Play store games, PC Games and many other online games. The app is basically free of charge and has no hidden cost.

It basically works like this: when you are playing a game, the app is actually working on the background of the system and it converts your little sum from your checking account into Blast savings account on the basis of the targets you set. The targets may include something like the number of enemies you defeat in the game or the bases of enemies you blow up. When you complete any mission, you can earn money by that as well. You can also get a few more bucks for completing levels that get you to test new game apps.

The Blast saving account is secured and you can easily withdraw your earning through your connected bank.

Long Game

Long Game is fun and encourages you to accomplish your money related objectives.  You set missions for saving  (for example, putting something aside for a vacation or trip), and each time you add cash to your FDIC-safeguarded Long Game investment account, you’ll draw nearer to finishing your goal.

As you progress in achieving missions, you’ll gain coins to play smaller games that offer money as the prize.

If you want to sign up, all you need is to give your info and your bank account. Set the amount you need to save every payday. You will be saving from day 1 as you can get 40 coins for every $1 saved and 3 coins for every $1 deposited into your account.

When you are done with your banking connection, you will get 300 points right away. Next, wait for your payday to get extra points.

HQ Trivia

If you have some knowledge that you don’t think you can use anywhere, here’s a game for you to make you feel better. HQ Trivia is an online quiz-type game that allows you to earn by answering questions and even win the grand prize.

HQ Trivia can have millions of players logged in at the same time. The game is hosted by Scott Rogowsky, aka Quiz Daddy. In a session, he will ask 12 questions. You will be provided with multiple choices to answer those questions. If you are genius enough to answer all the questions correctly, you will split the grand prize among other winners. The grand prize is huge, which can be a regular $5000 or even more in some special occasions.  It is available both on Android and iOS platform.

Brain Battle

You think you have a great analysis capacity of your brain? Do you love playing brain games? Well, Brain Battle is an app that is designed only for brain-nerds like you. Plus, the app lets you earn money by working out your brain.

Brain battle is a free game app that allows players to play brain-teasing tasks like rapid fire mathematical problems and other regular brain-teasing questions and challenges. You can solve these problems and earn money side by side.

After you install the app, just select a game you want to play. While playing the games you will be earning tickets. There will be regular draws of these tickets you can win grand cash prizes. So basically the more ticket you get the more winning chances you have. You have to play more and more to earn more tickets. At every draw, the app will be sharing a portion of its advertising revenue with one lucky winner. You can cash-out your earning via PayPal service.

The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


If you are a student who is trying to find a way out to pay off your student loan or any type of mortgage debt, plus you have a good brain for rapid-fire quiz competition,  here’s a weird but honest suggestion – Play a game on your phone.

Before you be like ‘what the?’, let’s find out about the gaming app ‘Givling’. The app is a rapid-fire quiz type gaming app that can pay you money to get your student loan paid off.

The app is basically a trivia app that puts some questions to its players that usually are like ‘True or False’ type questions. The topic range can be wide so don’t worry about the niche.

You don’t get enough time to google the answer as you will be allowed just about 10 seconds for each question to answer. You will be a part of a three-member team that will play in a joint mission and you will be on the game until you answer three questions wrong. You will be kicked out of the game if you do so.

If your team is the highest scorer after the time is up, you will be splitting the cash reward with the other two participants. The amount may vary according to the amount the app managed to rage the day before. This raising is done by advertising, sponsorship, and even players who play more and pay for that. If you are indebted with the student loan, give the game a try.

You will be rising on the top of the queue by responding to advertisements, buying point coins, taking part in sponsorship offers, finishing certain targets etc.


This is another IQ based gaming app that lets you earn money with your knowledge put in the right place. Questions like ‘In which year NASA landed on the moon’ or ‘What is the capital of Germany’ are going to allure you for winning cash prizes.

The App works on a simple basis. Every weekend you will be a quiz competition and a host will be there. He will ask a series of trivial question that you need to answer. You will be given only 10 seconds to answer. If you keep on answering all the questions right, you will be declared the grand cash prize winner. If there are more than one winner, the prize money will be divided and split.

There’s a problem for slow sloths. You cannot continue to play if you fail to answer within 10 seconds or if you answer one question wrong. This way you will be knocked out of the race of winning a prize. Yet, you don’t need to worry as you can still win SwagIQ digital currency.

With the digital currency, you can win another chance to participate in the game or you can redeem the currency as gift cards or even hard cash money.


Ozonplay is a great platform for online gamers. It’s not practical for everyone to install all the new and exciting games that are released on App store and try out. Thanks to Ozoneplay, it organizes a great number of games under one roof. Here, at Ozonplay, you can play most of the games you long for. Plus, you can also earn money by playing at Ozonplay.

At Ozonplay, you can play free games just like any other gaming experience, but if you decide to get into competitions, like one on one, multiplayer or other types, you can get a chance to win cash. You just need to pay a small amount to put your feet into the competition ring that ranges from $0.25 to $1. Don’t worry, you will $5 welcome gift for registering with Ozonplay.

You can compete with your friends by inviting them to play or you can play multiplayer games normally.

Once you win a competition battle, you will win money and you can cash it out via PayPal or your credit card account. Remember, you should better be well prepared before getting into a competition because the gamers are real deal here. For that, you can play free games before the actual competition to rise-up your skills.

There is nothing itchy about this game app. It even has no advertisement. That’s really something everybody may appreciate. Still, the only thing that can bother you about this app is that it only runs on iOS. So if you are an Android guy, you may need to buy an Apple gadget.

So these are the 7 most easy and effecting gaming apps that allow you to make easy money just by playing games. You can try any of these and find out yourself how easy it can be to earn money like this. Although the amount may not be something you can rely on to live your life, it can ease off your headache of increasing daily expenses. So start earning real cash, just by tapping on your phone!

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