Best Money Making Apps for android and iPhones 2018


best money making appsFor those of us who think making money is really a hard job, they should reconsider their opinion nowadays. With the advancement of the internet; things have changed for the last decade, at least. Today people are running a business, performing services, and selling stuff online as much as offline world, if not more. Being a part of this internet revolution, Smartphone has also become a valuable force for people to make money online. Although it seems too simple to be true, yes it’s a reality.

There are hundreds of genuine Smartphone apps are there that can be used to make real money with less effort. No, this doesn’t mean that these App developers are just giving away money to random people for charity. The App developers also generate money through different methods and disburse a portion of it to its users. So it’s a win-win situation.

Out of many authentic money making apps, I will put forward 15 best money making apps here. So get your Smart gadget ready and let’s get into it.

Best Money Making Apps for Android and iPhones 2018



About App: Ibotta is a cool app that offers you cash back on the purchases you make on certain shops. You need to scan your receipts to get the cash back. They have an affiliation with quite a huge number of stores from groceries to clothing etc

Using the app every time you are going to shop will increase your chance to earn real cash or gift cards to use without even spending much effort.

Signup Offer: You can get $10 as a sign-up bonus for using the app for the first time.

Referral Bonus: You can get a referral bonus as well by referring the app to your fnf. Once your friends start using the app, you can get $5 bonus.


About App: Shoptracker is another shopping tracking app that gives you money for just shopping. The uniqueness of Shoptracker is, that it only focuses on your shopping at Amazon.

At the end of each month, you will be taking surveys on your Amazon shopping this month and you will get $3 for every survey. The amount will be given to you by gift cards.

Signup Offer: If you open up a new account, link it up with your Amazon ID and get a quick survey done, you can get $3 signup bonus.

Referral Bonus: Shoptracker doesn’t have any referral bonus offer.


About App: The app is yet another receipt scanning app that gives you money for a purchase, but it also pays you for just scanning products as well. You don’t necessarily buy products, you can just go to a store and scan the products and you can also earn 20-50 points.

If you purchase a certain item from the store, you earn even more. Once you reach 500 points, you can cash out the points via gift cards worthy of $2.

Signup Offer: You can get 250 points as a new user of the app. Use WALK250 to get 250 kick as a signup bonus.

Referral Bonus: You can earn 250 points by referring the app to your friend also.


About App: Drop offers you money for purchasing as well. It deals will big names like Amazon, Uber, Walmart, and Starbucks. All you need is to link up your debit or credit card to your Drop account and start shopping in these shops.

You will earn points for shopping. There will be many offers where you can earn instant points. You can use the points as gift cards.

Sign up Offer: When you open an account and link it with your card, you get $1 bonus.

Referral Bonus: You will get 1000 points that equate to $1, if you refer the app to your friend and he starts using it.


About App: Swagbucks is one of the most popular apps to make money online. You just carry on simple tasks to earn money.

The tasks range from watching a few clips to taking surveys, doing some searches on the web and many more. You can earn from a few cents to a few dollars per task. Cash out your earning via gift cards or PayPal money.

Signup Offer: You get $10 as signup bonus subject to the fact that you complete at least one time. The bonus amount may vary from time to time.

Referral Bonus: Sorry, no referral bonus from Swagbucks.


About App: MyPoints is a unique app that is kind of a combination of two popular money making apps Ibotta nad InboxDollar. The app offers you simple tasks in exchange for real money.

Tasks may be to watch some videos, taking a few surveys, surfing the internet and even playing some games online. You can get from 170 to 500 points per tasks.

You can cash out your points when you reach 700 points via gift cards or 4000 points via PayPal account.

Signup Offer: It is not official that you get a sign-up bonus here, but many users claimed to have received a $10 bonus once you make a valid purchase for the first time.

Referral Bonus: You can earn a certain percentage of the earnings of the users you refer. This can vary from 25 points to even 50% of the amount earned by your friends.

Pinecone Research

About App: Pinecone research is a survey app that pays you for taking surveys online. The surveys here are unique as you won’t be timed out of the surveys for not being active for a certain period of time.

If your demography meets the survey type, you will be allowed to take the survey. You can spend just 10 to 20 minutes per survey and earn as much as $3 each. This is a great offer from a survey site, to be honest.

Signup Offer: No signup offer is available.

Referral Bonus: No referral bonus as well.

Fetch Reward

About App: Fetch reward may resemble Ibotta a lot but it is unique in some cases. You don’t need to buy the products from a certain specific store. If you are buying the products that you have listed on the app, you are done. You will be rewarded for that.

You can get the reward amount varying from $0.25 to $2 on average. You will get points that you can transfer into cash. 100 points mean $1. You can redeem your points when your point table reaches $3 worth.

Signup Offer: You can get $1.50 signup bonus by using the code HH3MN.

Referral Bonus: The same code mentioned above is also the referral bonus code.


About App: iPoll pays you for completing certain simple tasks. The tasks will be given to you based on your location. For example, you can be given a task to take a survey on the local superstore you have in your locality. You can redeem your earning with gift cards or PayPal dollar.

Signup Offer: You will get $5 as a welcome bonus for registering with the app.

Referral Bonus: Currently, there is no referral bonus offer here.

Inbox Dollars

About App: Inbox Dollars is another popular task-based app and site that pays you for completing different tasks. The tasks are rather simple to do and earning is really easy. Tasks may include taking surveys, surfing the web, watching videos, reading e-mails etc.

The tasks take very short time and easy to do, even though the payout may not be a huge amount.

Signup Offer: You get a super impressive $5 bonus just for signing up with Inbox Dollars.

Referral Bonus: Inbox Dollars has a crazy referral offer. If you refer your friend the app you will get 10% of what they earn forever. Think about referring as many active friends as you can. You can earn without doing anything.

Point Club

About App: PointClub is a survey app where you can take genuine surveys online and get payments in cash and gift cards. You can get 200 to 2000 points per survey, where 1000 points denote $1.

You can cash out your points when you make $25.You can get it via PayPal account, Amazon gift card, and gift cards of other retailers.

Signup Offer: PointClub will give you 5000 points (Equivalent of $5) when you sign up with the site. You can get additional sign up bonus for your email, google and facebook info.

Referral Bonus: Sorry, no referral bonus available for this app.

Toluna Opinions

About App: Toluna is one of the oldest sites to make money online by survey and other simple tasks. You need to take surveys, answer polls etc to make money here.  Surveys and other tasks offer 15 to 15000 points.

A minimum of 30000 points will make you $10 that you can cash out via gift cards. With 90000 points you can get $30 cash out via PayPal account.

Signup Offer: Toluna will give you 500 points for signing up with their app. The sign-up process is one of the fastest of processes out there.

Referral Bonus: You will get 500 points per referral you make. Once your friends complete a quick registration process, you will get the bonus.

Cash Crate

About App: CashCrate is also a smartphone app that pays you for completing simple and tiny tasks. These tasks may vary from signing up for some offers, taking some surveys, playing online games, etc. The payment figure for different tasks may be different.

You can get from $0.50 to $3.50 for each survey depending on the type of surveys. You can pay out your earning when your earning meter hits $20. The payments are sent on a monthly basis via checks.

Signup Offer: You can get $1 as a sign-up bonus on this app.

Referral Bonus: At CashCrate you can earn on a multi-level referral system. You will earn 20% of what your friend earn through your referrals and you will also get 10% of what their successive referred friends earn. So it’s a double fold earning opportunity.

Savvy Connect 

About App: Imagine earning only by browsing the internet like a lazy geek. Yes, SavvyConnect is an earning offer put forward by SurveySavvy. This is an app that you install on your phone and just run it on the background. Then, what you do, is just use the internet like you regularly do.

The app will monitor your usage and it will pay you for just your usage. You can earn up to $5 a month with this app. You can register up to 3 devices that make it $15 a month which is pretty impressive when it comes to efforts needed to make money online.

Signup Offer: SurveySavvy doesn’t have any sign-up bonus offer.

Referral Bonus: You can get from $5 to $10 per referral you manage to grab. You can also earn addition a dollar or two if your referrals add new users from their referral ID. Isn’t it cool?

You Gov

About App: YouGov is a brilliant survey site that lets you make money. The surveys of this site are interesting. Most of the topics will revolve around politics, news, current affairs etc. The information gathered from the surveys here are actually used in different publication as these are raw and first-hand data.

You will earn points per surveys and you will need 25000 points to cash out your earning. You can also get gift cards, Amazon vouchers etc. as payment.

Signup Offer: You will get 2000 points as a welcome bonus on this site and app.

Referral Offer: You will get 4000 points when you refer a friend and he completes 3 successful surveys.

Final Thought on Money Making Apps

It is obvious that earning online is not that tough. All it requires time, patience and a little bit of idea. Everybody searches for easy online earning which often ends up into a failure. Still, if you know where to go and how to do it, it’s kind of a piece of cake for you to make some good amount of money side by side your regular works. It’s less tiring, easier and more enjoying than any other physical works that get you real money. So bookmark these pages and start earning in no time!

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