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Here I listed down some best online money making methods that’s are widely used in India. All of these below-listed methods are free to start. No need to spend any money on that.

All of the below methods are tired and tested by me. So you can join any of them without any doubt.

How to make money online without investment in india

Earn Money Online without investment in India 2019

Before starting the free ones, first I’m going to show my method that I use to generate over $10000 -$5000 monthly. Because from below methods you can only earn a maximum $5-$10/ day (200-700 rupees/day) sometimes little more than that. But through blogging, you can earn unlimited money…

Here are some screenshots of my affiliate earning…

Tab 1Tab 2Tab 3Tab 4

All of my earning are came from blogging related product sales, Sponsorship content, and services.

Before start blogging one thing keep in mind, that blogging is not a shortcut to becoming a millionaire.  You have to keep the patience to make money from it.

Make Money through blogging in India

Start a blog

Blogging is the best method if you want to make money while sleeping. But to open this passive income source you have to invest some amount of money for setup. To start a blog you first choose your niche then purchase a domain name and a reliable hosting.

How to Choose a Niche?

Before start blogging first find a suitable niche for you. If you are a student then anything related gadgets, tricks will be easy for you, even you can write on your currently studying course. like – As a computer science student, you can create a blog related to programming. Where if you are a housewife then any kitchen related stuff or baby related stuff will be easy.

For niche research, I use the long tail pro. You can try long tail pro at $1 only. Long tail pro is a premium tool to find low competition keyword, amazon low competition product etc.

Check domain name availability from below box.

For hosting, we recommend Fastcomet. Get SSD WordPress hosting + Free domain as low as $100 .

Main reasons why I promote Fastcomet instead of other big hosting providers

  1. A free domain name for life
  2. Get SSD Storage on Shared Hosting.
  3. Up to 3 Free website transfer
  4.  SSL installation ( Free GlobalSign private SSL)
  5. Developer friendly. Supports – Node.js, SSH, laravel etc.
  6. Renewal price the same as a sale price. No price hike. ( None of the big web hosting providers offer this. )

After purchasing your hosting you can contact me to set up your website. I will do that for you as I’m getting a small commission when you purchase hosting through my link without adding any extra cost to you.

Now before exploring the methods that we can use to earn money through blogging first learn what types of websites you can create and earn money quickly.

Build an Authority site

Building an authority blog is the most difficult task among all other types of websites. To build an authority blog you have to spend time as well as money equally. An authority blog can give you more than 100000 dollars per month. But to reach the top of the blog sphere you have hurdle too many obstacles. First of all, you have to an expert in content marketing, link building, and SEO related stuff. An Authority site purely sustains on branding, influencing and quality. So you have to indulge heavy on branding and influencing your authority site.

Ways to earn money through an authority site

  1. Affiliate Marketing – In Affiliate marketing commission varies from 5% to up to 80% it depends on the product that you choose. If you are an Amazon affiliate then you can get commission anything around 4% -15% depends on their categories. On the other hand, if you are an affiliater of jvzoo, clickbank or shareasale you can find some product that offers up to $200 commission per sale. Even you can join some CPA ( cost per action) ad network like max bounty, CPAbuild, flexoffers etc. In CPA you need to collect leads to getting commissioned.
  2. Advertisement – With Affiliate marketing, you can optimize your site with the visual advertisement. Even you can sell your ad spot through buysellads or publicity Clark. An advertisement is mainly worked on CPC ( cost per click) or CPM (cost per million ) basics. So in the advertisement, you don’t have to worry about conversion. You just need to maintain a good CTR ( click through rate ) for a good amount of money.
  3. Others – Instead of Affiliate marketing and advertisement you can earn money form your authority blog by taking sponsor posts, build a membership section, sell your content, sell your books etc.

Build a Coupon site

Building a coupon or deal site is comparatively easier than building an authority site. But to get success in coupon and deal site you have to do your website SEO tightly. Because generally coupon sites are loaded with thin content. To rank your thin content pages you have to back your every page with high-quality links for better ranking. Guest posting can be very helpful for the coupon sites. I use HOTH guest posting service for outreach. You can check them out if you are searching for a quality guest posting site.

Ways to earn money through coupon site –

Coupon sites the main source of income is an affiliate. With affiliate, you can also use advertisement and sponsorship.

Build a Niche site

Google loves niche targeted sites. A site completely focused on one niche is ranked better than multi-niche site. In google, you may find all types of niche websites but among them, Amazon niche sites are very popular. A niche site can be based on – father day, valentine day, any individual product or service, happy new year related, or any Amazon subcategory related etc.

From niche sites earning is totally depend on your niche. Because if you create a niche site based on happy new year image, status then the only way of earning from that site is the advertisement. Now if you create a black Friday niche site then your earning can be either from advertisement or affiliate or both.

Build a news blog

A news blog can bring millions of page views without having high strength like an authority site. But to build a news blog you should have a solid team of content writers. Because if you want to approve your blog on google news then you have to publish large no. of content regularly from multiple authors.

Earn Money By completing Surveys in India

Survey junkie is the best survey site when you are living outside India. But from India, if you are using survey junkie you will not get regular surveys from their because you are living in Asian Pacific countries.

Still, if you are want to give a try survey junkie. Then go ahead and sign up with Survey Junkie.

According to my experience, if you are from Asian base countries then you can try Panelplace or clixsense.

For Indian users panel place and clixsense is the perfect place to find regular surveys.

Panel place actually collects legitimate survey sites for you. So you don’t have to worried about any legitimacy. Join panel place go to their panel dashboard and join their listed legitimate survey site and start earning.

If you want to join a paid to click sites that offer PTC offers as well as surveys, then Clixsense is best for you either you can check our list of best survey sites.

Sell your photos online in India

Extremely passionate about photography. then why not to sell your special clicks to the global audience.

By selling a single image you can earn up to $1-$10 ( 50-500 rs/ image). Sometimes you can earn more, it totally depends on image category, uniqueness, and quality.

Shutter Stock is a marketplace from where you can sell your own images.

Even you can start your own website as low as 5000 rupees to showcase and sell your own clicks.

Don’t want to invest any money then sign up shutter stock as a seller.

Join Paid to Click Sites

PTC sites are the best place if you want to earn 10-50 rupees daily. PTC ( paid to clicks) sites are best for school and college students. Beside doing PTC site tasks and surveys you can also invite your friends to earn referral bonus.

By spending 20-30 minutes every day you can earn 10-20 rupees. It totally depends on how many ads clicks you have done, how much tasks and surveys you completed.

To maximize your earning I always recommend you try to join 3-5 PTC sites and invest more time to do surveys and tasks. ( Because from clicks you can hardly earn $0.001-$0.1 / click).

and keep referring to other people. To get a quick referral, use your social media account for reach or you can start a blog where you can mention your current earning and your methods which definitely give your friends or users authenticity about that PTC sites.

For Indian users, clixsense, neobux and paidverts are the best popular paid to click sites.

Clixsense – My Personally favorite PTC site

ClixSense is one of the most popular PTC sites available online. Established in 2007, it has long been a powerful player in the Paid-to-Click(PTC) industry. It started off as a PTC site but eventually expanded their business beyond just hosting ads. Recently, ClixSense had also added another feature called “Crowd flower tasks”. The tasks may vary from data cleaning to categorization of surveys. One needs to follow the written instructions and eventually get paid once the task is completed.

How does clixsense work?

Firstly, one needs to register themselves with their valid details and after carefully reading the policy terms click on “agree our terms and conditions”. It is absolutely free to register and one can start earning immediately after signing in. Once you’re through to the member dashboard, you can start taking surveys and earn easy cash.


Neobux is another PTC site which was established in 2008. Neobux offers its members to earn by completing simple tasks, although they are more inclined towards advertisements. Apart from providing guaranteed standard ads, Neobux also has an anti-cheat protection mechanism in place.

How does neobux work?

 Once you sign up with Neobux by creating your username and password, you’ll become a standard member of the site. Users will have to validate their email. Once done, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard. Here you’ll find you task statistics, account balance among other options to start off your earning journey. As a standard member you can start earning by any of the following methods:

  • Clicking and viewing advertisements
  • Playing games
  • Completing offers
  • Taking surveys
  • Completing mini jobs
  • Using AdPrize for a chance to win prizes up to $50 or golden membership
  • Making referrals which can be either Direct or rented.

Even you can try paidverts. It also has some amazing features which can boost your monthly earning.

Earn money by testing app

Appcoiner is one of the best site to earn money from a smartphone without any investment.

Create an account in Appcoiner (It’s FREE).

Now choose an app from their app review database, download and test that app on your smartphone or tablet.

Then write an honest review about that app in the appcoiner app review section and get paid for your every successful testing and review.

Go and Join appcoiner and start making money!

Earn money by playing video games

want to earn money by playing video games. Then this gaming job site is perfect for you.

In this site just create your account ( Its Free).

Choose any game from their database. Start playing. After playing give honest feedback and take cash for that.

Join games job online and start earning.

Data entry or typing jobs without investment in India

If you are a housewife, mothers or retired person searching for a headache free job. Then this job is perfect for you.

By searching google ” best data entry job for housewives” you can find 1000 of sites.

but here I listed two best genuine sites from where you can get your data entry job from home.

FreelancerFreelancer is the perfect place if you want to grab lots of clients from outside India. But to get work as a newbie is quite hard on freelancer. You have to keep the patience to get your first job.

Worknhire – Worknhire is an India based freelancing site where you can find your first data entry job quite easily. Just sign up worknhire and check their “find work” section. You will get lots of data entry related jobs.

Online Content Writing Job

In India, most of the youths who are are earn money from online is either from their blogs or by freelancing services ( like – web design, content writing, SEO etc). Like developing in content writing service you don’t need more than 1 people. From facebook or some reputed online site like – Fiverr, Worknhire, freelancer you can easily collect your content writing tasks by showing some of your writing.

In India content writers are basically charge from 20 paisa – 2 rupees/ word sometimes even more. It totally depends on content quality. If any content writing job needs vast research then you can increase your charges according to research time you need.

Freelancer, Worknhire is not only for data entry jobs but also you will get content writing, programming, SEO, Sale, Marketing related jobs. As a newbie keep your content writing charges low to get your first jobs. After successfully completing few jobs then increase your charge. Don’t keep your charges high initially.

Fiverr is another place from where you can collect content writing jobs. But in fiverr job collecting procedure is little different, where you need to join as a seller then you need to create a gig where you have to describe what you want to sale, what are the price and some sample copy and then publish your gig and share it on social media. Once your gig lives then anyone can order your content writing service through your gig.

Note – You can send your writing sample through my contact us page. I’m not guaranteed that I will give you the content writing job. But if I found your writing related to my needs I will definitely contact you.

Buy Sell Domain Name and Make money

A domain name can bring $100-$10000 without investing much. But to get handsome money from a domain name you have to check many metrics like – Domain brand value, no. of character in a domain, no. of available extension and more.

Search a premium domain name using our domain name checker tool.

Now if you want to sell an expired domain name then you need to access some premium tools to check domain historical metrics like – How many pages are in there, domain name DA and PA, No. of referring domain, is there any redirection, domain spam score etc.

All of these above checkings can be done through SEMrush. ( Get 30 days free trial from SEMrush)

I have been using SEMrush past few years. Its been a perfect tool to keep eyes on competitors, keywords as well as expired domain.

If you want to check recently expired domain with their DA, PA, ahrefs traffic report then you should try domain hunter gatherer. ( Join now its FREE)

Earn Money from YouTube in India

Youtube is the most lucrative place to earn money. Nowadays you will found several Indian YouTubers are going popular worldwide due to their creative content. YouTube is the easiest place to earn money online without investing.

Yes without any investment you can earn money from youtube. Use your smartphone to capture your video then use any free video editor apps from play store to edit that video. Then create a youtube channel and upload your first video. That’s it.

Now if you want to invest some money to make your video more professional. Then check this list of best cameras for vloggers and best microphone for vloggers list. Choose a camera and microphone according to your needs.

I said according to your needs means assume you want to create a game commentary channel then a super webcam and a blue microphone can be enough for your game commentary channel.

Again if you want to create a mountain climbing video then a go pro camera will be a good option for you.

So choose them according to your needs.

For youtube feature image, logo, cover image creation you can try pic money. I use this tool for all my youtube related design as well as blog-related design. It has a huge no of features and customization.

For video editing, you can try free software or go for adobe premiere pro, filmora, movavi video editor etc.

Key points to become successful in youtube –

  • Post videos regularly
  • Interact viewers in the comment section
  • Build a relationship with other big vloggers
  • Create unique video

Selling courses on Udemy

Udemy is the biggest platform on the internet for online courses. In udemy, you can do business, marketing, photography, videography, fitness, design, personality development related courses and get a certificate after compilation. Most of the courses prices are around 500-10000 rupees. Even in their free course section, you can find some worthy courses free of cost.

Let’s talk about how you can earn money from udemy. If you are a teacher or a developer or a fitness trainer or a professional photographer you can share your knowledge with others though udemy. Just create a course on udemy and sell it like a hotcake.

Check these below screenshot and calculate how much you can earn from a single udemy course.

Go and Signup in udemy. It’s Free.

Earn money by doing voice over jobs

Have you got a great voice? Ever noticed how your friends compliment you for your smooth and attractive voice? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you should know that you can earn real money by using your voice sitting or relaxing at your very own home!

Yes, it’s true. There are many websites that allow you to use your voice to provide voice over services for different purposes like narrating stories, giving background voice for advertisement etc. All you get for this simple service is real cash. If you think it’s a great idea, then find out below list of exciting websites where you can earn by doing voice over jobs from home.

  • Fiverr
  • Snaprecording

Earn money through social media

Social media is the best place to earn money if you are spending lots of time daily on social media. Through social media, you can earn healthy money if you use it wisely.

From Facebook, you can collect content writing, web development related project quickly if you join and follow some big content writing and web development groups. Not only you can collect different types of home base job but also by creating some pages you can sell your own product or other products as an affiliate.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are the top 3 platforms from where many users generate lots of money.

Earn money by doing freelancing

Freelancing is best when you are not familiar with SEO and website handling. Even you can do freelancing while blogging. Freelancing is the best way to start earning by producing your creativity.

Freelancing can be done on many subjects like coding, designing, content writing, SEO related works, virtual assistant, graphic design, video editing and so on.

Here I listed down some best freelancing sites that you can join and start earning ..


We all know this site, right? You can sell your expertise for $5 at Fiverr. If you have good knowledge in any of these sections ( article writing, SEO, web designing, photoshop design, logo design, video making, voice over, singing), you can provide services to anyone for $5. Just post a gig on Fiverr that you will provide the service for just $5 (Or even more, if you want). On your gigs, you need to post a sample copy for the client. If your gig attracts somebody, you can provide the service and earn real money right away.

Freelancer – In freelancer, at first you have to join as a worker. Once your account is approved then you can bid on ongoing projects. If your bids attract project owner then you can contact them and start your work on hourly price or fixed price.

There are few more popular freelancing sites are available those are seoclerks, legiit, odesk etc.

Start a Drop-shipping business in India

Drop shipping is another way to earn money online. But to do that you have to invest some money. As drop shipping business depends on ROI ( return on investment ).

You can start your drop shipping business through WordPress or Shopify platform.

but If you are a newcomer or do not anything about coding then start drop shipping business with shopify. Because shopify is purely built for drop shipping and e-commerce business.

Go signup with Shopify. [It’s FREE for 14 days. No credit card needed ]

Steps to start your drop shipping business –

First, find a product that has good demand as well as low competition in the market. check below screenshot you will determine which type of product is trending…

  1. Now brought domain name according to your niche.
  2. Signup with shopify.
  3. Go Alibaba and find a good rated supplier. [ Even you can use]
  4. Now collect order through your website and send ordered product through Alibaba using white label package.

For more information about drop shipping check these two dropshipping course.

  1. The complete shopify dropshipping Masterclass
  2. Build a shopify dropshipping course from scratch. 

Here are some screenshots, from where you can imagine how much you can earn from a drop-shipping site.

Even you can flip your dropshipping site on flippa ..

Earn money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most lucrative way to earn money online. To make healthy money from affiliate marketing a website is mandatory. At the end of the post, I also describe how you can create your website by investing $100-$150 ( 7000- 10000 rupees) only. An authority blog can bring $100000 month if you did affiliate marketing properly.

Here I listed some best affiliate network that you should join

Shareasale – A perfect place to join multi-niche affiliate programs from one dashboard. Even before joining any affiliate program you can check recent product sales time, affiliate commission percentage, tier commission details, cookie details, banner etc.

WPengine – A WordPress hosting company providing $200 for every successful referral. Join WPengine affiliate share your link with your friend and earn money.

ClickbankSimilar affiliate network like Shareasale. The major difference in between shareasale is you might need to fulfill certain criteria to get approve from some affiliate network. But in Clickbank approval process is easy.

Amazon – Get 4%-10% commission on every successful purchase through your affiliate link.

Flipkart – Work similar like Amazon but its only available in India.

Earn money by referring other from mobile Apps in India

Now in India many mobile apps are available which are offering 50-150 rupees cashback on every successful referral.


Want to pay the electric bill, petrol, phone bill, bank transfer from your smartphone. Then Phonepe is the perfect option for you. With these, you will get some extra discount on every successful transaction through your UPI. Even you can earn extra money by referring other peoples to phonepe. To do this just share your phonepe referral link in your social media handle or friend or family circle. Once they use your link to install phonepe and do a successful UPI transaction then each user ( Mean you and your referral user) will get 100 rs. wallet bonus.

Google Pay

Google pay (previously known as Tez) is one of the trusted and most loaded smartphone apps after paytm ( in finance section). Referral system work similar like phonepe. But in google pay by referring other people you can earn from rupees 51 to 201 from each successful referral.

If I found any other ways to earn money from online without investment I will definitely add that in my list.

make money online without investment

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