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ebates review

Shopping online is great and fun. It saves time, energy and money as well. Yes, online shopping can save your money as well if you know how to make it happen. Take Ebates for example. The site is a cool way to get great offers and cashback on your online purchase and eventually save a good amount of bucks.

What is Ebates ?

Ebates basically is an affiliate company. The company offers its customers cashback rewards for shopping on the sites that are affiliated with them. Ebates directs customers to buy from certain online stores and in return, the stores give Ebates a commission. Ebates eventually shares the commission with customers. The percentage is around 1 to 6 percent.

is Ebates legit or Safe ?

At present, Ebates has an affiliation with around 1600 stores. A recent report said in 2017, Ebates have collectively paid USD 325 million to its customers.

The site was founded two Deputy District Attorneys in Silicon Valley in 1998. It is known that they used to prosecute frauds conducted online before they founded the site. This should assure users of the safety of a site that is founded by these two people. Later in 2014, Ebates was acquired by one of the largest Japanese E-commerce sites, Rakuten Rakuten.

How Does Ebates Work

You need to sign up with Ebates with your email ID. After you sign up and open a new account, you will be given a $10 gift voucher to shop from the stores listed by Ebates. They have a long list of it. You can search for the Ebates affiliated sites or just type in the name of the site on you want to shop at. Once you have selected a shop to make your purchase, just click the button ‘Shop now’ and start shopping. You will be provided a ‘Tracking ticket’ to make a purchase.

After your shopping is over, your cashback point will be added to your account automatically. Usually, it takes 1 to 6 days. Your cashback point on your Ebates account will be kept on ‘hold’ for 60 days. This is for making sure that you have made a genuine purchase and there is no issue of purchase return or other things that nullify the purchase.

After 60 days, your cashback is ready to be consumed by you. The payments are made on a quarterly basis. It is made in the middle of February, May, August, and November. You can use two ways to withdraw your cashback money. Either via cheque or direct Paypal deposit. You cannot withdraw your cashback money before it reaches $5. Until it reaches $5, the amount gets transferred over to the balance of next month.

Ebates Affiliated Sites

As mentioned earlier, Ebates is an affiliate marketing site. It works just as a middleman between online stores and online shoppers. Once you follow their direction and end up shopping from sites affiliated with Ebates, Ebates gets a commission for that and it shares a portion of that commission with its customers. There are too many sites that Ebates are affiliated with and the list is ever updating. Here are some of the well known online stores that are affiliated with Ebates for you to make your purchase easier.

  • – Ebates cashback offers on amazon is upto 5% previously it was 0%
  • – Ebates cashback offers on walmart is upto 10% previously it was 1%
  • – Ebates cashback offers on Kohls is upto 14% previously it was 3%
  • Macy’s – Ebates cashback offers on Macy’s is upto 19% previously it was 3%
  • Groupon – Ebates cashback offers on Groupon is upto 17% previously it was 3%
  • Sephora – Ebates cashback offers on Sephora is upto 20% previously it was 4%
  • Target – Ebates cashback offers on target is upto 1%
  • JCpenney – Ebates cashback offers on JCpenney is upto 13% previously it was 3%
  • Old Navy – Ebates cashback offers on Old Navy is upto 5% previously it was 2%
  • Best Buy – Ebates cashback offers on Best Buy is upto 2% previously it was 1%
  • Ultra Beauty – Ebates cashback offers on Ultra Beauty is upto 8.5% previously it was 2.5%
  • Nike – Ebates cashback offers on Nike is upto 4.5% previously it was 1.5%
  • American Eagle – Ebates cashback offers on American Eagle is upto 8% previously it was 2%
  • and many more.

 Making money with Ebates – Ebates Referral

The concept of Ebates is fairly simple and easy. You just make money by shopping through their affiliate links. Still, there are more ways you can earn from Ebates.

You can get bonus points by referring your friends and family to Ebates. This way, you can get 1 bonus point for one referral. On the condition that your referred ID has to be an active referral. Meaning, your referred client needs to purchase from Ebates links items worthy of $25 within 90 days of account opening.

Making money with Ebates – Ebates Visa credit card

Another way you can earn money using Ebates is getting Ebates visa credit card. Using this Visa credit card, you can get 3% extra cashback on your Ebates purchases. Not only that, you can get 1% bonus cashback if you use it where Visa card is accepted as payment method. The visa card is absolutely free to get and it has no yearly charge or anything for maintenance. This Ebates Visa card is not easy to get. You have to have a good credit score in order to apply for one.

Ebates App

Ebates available on both android and ios version so you can use ebates app from your favorite smartphone.

Ebates button or chrome Extension

If you are on desktop or laptop then try ebates cashback button. A small chrome extension which notify you every time when you are going to shopping on some sites that are partners with ebates. So you can get maximum cashback from your online purchase.

Ebates Cashback Tips

Click Cashback button

The cashback button indicates the items that have cashback offer. Not only offer but also the percentage of cashback it has been linked with. If you use this button for shopping on Ebates, it will save you a lot of time you spend looking for cashback items. While checking, this will also give you the option to use promo codes as well.

Completing purchase in the same session

Once you start shopping on Ebates, consider finishing the shopping on one session. Do not visit other sites while shopping on Ebates sites. It may ruin the cashback offer of the affiliate site. In this situation, you will not be able to earn any cashback on that shopping.

Enable Cookies

Do not disable the cookies on your browser. Cookies are there to authenticate the purchaser and to make sure the cashback is going to right place. If you disable it, you may lose your cashback.

Get Paypal

Use Paypal as your payment option. Getting cheques are really a matter of hassle. Sometimes, it even gets lost in mails. Nobody would want their regular quarterly payments to be in that tiring hassle. Use Paypal and be tension-free.

Ebates Review 2018

There are both pros and cons of using Ebates. Here’s what you should know.

Plus points of Ebates

  • It’s free to join and you get $10 as sign up bonus. This way you can get $10 bonus by just registering with your email.
  • Earn a gift card when your spending on Ebates reaches $25. The gift card is worth $10 and this is really awesome.
  • Ebates is loud and clear. You can see the cashback percentage with every shopping sites clearly.
  • Ebates is a time-saving site to earn money. Here, you are not going to do anything ‘extra’ to earn money. All you do is shopping that you had to do anyway to maintain your daily life. This is like earning money without even noticing that you have done something for it.
  • You can use Ebates from any part of the globe. As the payment can be made via Paypal, it really doesn’t matter where do you live. You can spend your Ebates money on anything.
  • Ebates has a great customer service. For any payment related or technical issue, Ebates customer service team will provide you support and try to solve your problem immediately.
  • The referral system of Ebates is also great. One point per referral makes it even easier to earn money from Ebates.
  • Ebates allows you to donate your earning to Charity all by their own hassle. This is more than great from multiple points of views.
  • Ebates is one of the oldest online earning sites with loads of experience in this field. It is authentic, proven and definitely worth it.

Negative Points of Ebates

  • If you are an Apple fan, this may not be the greatest of place for you as Apple is not offering cashback anymore on their product. So if you are planning to spend more on Apple product, this won’t make you happy.
  • There are possibilities of technical glitches in the system that can hamper the crediting of your cashback in your account. This may create some hazard and you have to take the matter to the customer service.
  • There are some reports from various users mentioning some missed payments. This is crucial as the site pays out only 4 times a year and any missed payment means you need to wait for months for the settlement.
  • Some purchasers complained about an excessive number of junk emails from Ebates sites after signing up for it.

Conclusion – ebates is 100% scam free

Ebates is not a scam site. It is a legitimate and authentic way to earn money online. If you think about it, it is one of the easiest ways to earn money online without spending much effort. You don’t need to spend anything to join it and you can even get a welcome bonus. All you need is to go for online shopping via Ebates every time you need to shop. Do not use Ebates just to get some cashback if you are not a regular online shopper. This will eventually lead you to unnecessary shopping and your net income will be zero. Considering all these factors, if you are a regular online shopper, signing up on Ebates and shopping regularly from here is one of best decisions you can take.

ebates review

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