Survey Junkie Review 2019 – Read Is it legit or scam ?


There are hundreds, if not thousands of survey sites that offer you skim that will make you tons of money. If you ever search online on the topic of earning online, ‘Survey’ is one of the top results that will pop up for sure. Is it that simple? Doing surveys and making money? That’s the question we are to tackle. Almost maximum amount of sites that claims to pay you for participating in surveys is totally fake. Sorry about that. Very few out there are going to get you towards earning money to some level. Today we are going to review a really popular survey site – Survey Junkie. There have been many tit-bits on this site, so here we go, let’s find out if it’s legit or fake as hell.

survey junkie app review

What is Survey Junkie ?

Survey Junkie is just another brick on the wall of ‘Get paid by taking survey’ skim. You take surveys, you get paid, simple. They claim to be “the most popular r spot online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts” on their site. The site launched in 2005 and it has managed to grab tons of members since its inception. Recently the number hit a staggering 7 million which is just ‘wow’. That’s a huge number for a site to engage.

How does survey junkie works ?

Survey Junkie works the same way other survey sites work. Before getting into play, you need to create a profile. You need to put your name, age, contact, address, consumer preference, your household info etc. Don’t be tensed, all these are required for you so that the site can sort out which type of survey suits you the most so that they can send you.

You can take the surveys in two ways. You can log in to their site and browse the surveys and take or you can click on the link Survey Junkie sends you at your email address.

Survey Junkie working process

Survey Junkie doesn’t pay directly in cash. That’s a bit frustrating. Instead of cash, they pay you reward-points. Once you complete your profile, you get 25 points. Then you start earning points with the surveys you take. Survey points can range from 50 to 450 points each.

You can redeem your points into cash through PayPal. 1000 points will be equivalent to $10. You can redeem the points like this. You can even go for E-vouchers or gift cards as well so that you can redeem your points and purchase online with those points.

 How much can I make with Survey Junkie app ?

That’s a real question. Is it a place where you log in and make money all the time and quit your job? Can it be that simple? Well, honestly speaking, no. Survey Junkie itself says on its website that the site isn’t going to make you rich. So you can now cancel the idea of quitting your job and take surveys all day.

No, Survey Junkie won’t make you a fortune. Survey Junkie will pay you around $1 to $3 per survey. That’s pretty much of the same category that other survey sites offer. You will be able to participate in as many surveys as you can afford if qualified.

The real issue lies here. Like many other survey sites, Survey Junkie also works on the same algorithm. Remember that you were asked to put all your personal information during sign up? You will be sent links to surveys that will suit you based on that information. This is common among survey sites. People often complain that they don’t get enough surveys. This is because not everyone is eligible for all the surveys available. You cannot take surveys nor have access to surveys that don’t require people of your demography or other criteria.

So, the survey option is limited here. If you are lucky enough, you may get 3 or 4 survey links per week based on your info. Otherwise, you will hardly get 1 survey per week. Suppose you are getting a survey per week regularly and you are making $3 per survey, it is a $12 per month income. Yes, that doesn’t sound greatest of incomes but still; it’s something appreciating considering the way you took to earn it. You spend literally no energy or brain to earn $12 a month. That’s a cool way to cover some of the miscellaneous expense you incur every month. Worth it? Kind of.

How do I get paid ?

Most of the survey sites pay out in cash. Still, there are some issues. The cash takes greater time to get deposited into your account. Survey Junkie, on the other hand, pays out in points. You can earn 20 to 450 points per survey depending on the type and length of the survey. The way Survey Junkie stands out from other survey sites is that it deposits the point in your account immediately after you finish your survey. You can see the points being added to your account right after you are done. Other sites even take 24 hours to add the points.

In case Survey Junkie takes 24 hours to add the points, you can immediately contact their customer support and get a solution instantly. They are extremely helpful; customer oriented and provides a solution within minutes.

You can redeem the points in E-voucher and gift cards. You can even cash out the points with your PayPal account and get real cash. 1000 points will result in $10, which is the minimum amount you can cash out.

Survey Junkie rewards

Other survey sites set an expiry period for the point you earn. Once the period expires, your points will also expire, which is really frustrating for the users. Survey Junkie stands out differently in this case. Your points will be active if you are active. If you take surveys at least once in 12 months, your points will stay on your profile. In case you cross that limit, you may lose the points. Still, this is a great option for irregular users.

Survey Junkie Review 2019

Advantages of Survey Junkie

Free and Easy

Survey Junkie is super user-friendly and it’s absolutely free. Most of the survey sites are complicated and usually a trash, but Survey junkie is clean and super easy to use.

Get points quickly

You can get the points you earned by taking a survey as soon as you have finished one. You can see your points got added to your profile right after your survey is over.

Redeem points faster

One of the most awesome features of Survey Junkie is that you can redeem your points faster than any other sites. You can easily redeem the points to E-voucher, gift card or even PayPal cash as soon as you earn the points.

Lower Cash out

You can cash out your earning as soon as you hit $10 (or 1000 points to say). This is cool, because most of the sites require at least $20 to cash out your earning.

 The disadvantage of Survey Junkie

Closure of Accounts

Many users have complained that their accounts have been terminated by Survey Junkie without any explanation. All of a sudden one day they tried to log in and failed. This is not a regular case but this happened for sure. This should be kept in mind before deciding to spend serious time at the site.

Payout problem

There are some complaints that the payout of survey Junkie faced some problems. Many users asked for a gift card or PayPal payout but the system somehow didn’t work. Most of them had to contact the customer service to resolve the issue.

Privacy issue

Survey Junkie will take much personal information before letting you in. This may be an issue of a second thought for you if you are serious about your privacy. There is no guaranty for your information to be kept cent percent safe.

 Unqualified surveys

Survey Junkie may sometime send you survey links that you are not even qualified for. This is a glitch. You will have to answer a few basic questions and then you may be kicked out of it because you don’t qualify for it. This is utterly disgusting and annoying.

User restriction

Lastly, if you are not from USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand, Survey Junkie is not for you bro. This is frustrating for most of the people as maximum people who actually look for these kinds of earning sources are from places outside the mentioned ones.

So, is Survey Junkie legit ?

Considering all the factors we have discussed here, yes, Survey Junkie is a legit site. It pays out genuinely in return to your effort in filling up survey forms. Yet, it is not something to be depended on to make money online. The payout is really low for anybody to think seriously about investing time here. Nevertheless, if you can work on several platforms of similar type side by side, only then you may get some good amount of money in the long run. Otherwise, there are many other ways you can earn online and worth spending time on.

Survey Junkie Review

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