Youtube Earning Calculator – Check How much money youtubers earn

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Youtube Earning Calculator

Using the above calculator you can check any YouTube videos revenue as well as any channel earning. All the earning shows in the above tool are an estimation, not exact earning. As YouTube earning depends on several factors even YouTubers can also earn from without ad-sense. So its too hard to determine any YouTubers exact income.

Youtube Money Calculator

How much do YouTubers earn?

As I said it depends on several factors. According to several sources we estimate a youtubers can earn approx $.3 – $5 from 1000 views. Earning fluctuation is happen on below factors.

Factors that determine YouTube videos revenue

  1. Location of your traffic – Location of your traffic matters most if your video traffics are came from the western country then you will definitely get higher CPC and higher CPM. But when your videos traffic from Asian country you will see a huge drop in CPC and CPM.
  2. Niche video – Types of videos is another important aspect of earning. If your videos are related to technology, how to guide, review, recipe then you will definitely get higher CPC (cost per click).
  3. Type of Ads – Ads types measure ( click through rate) like – If you are using a simple banner instead of a video ad then there will be very less chance to click on your ad due to low visibility or less obstruction. So types of the ad is another important part of earning.
  4. Relevancy – Ad relevancy increase CTR ( Click through rate). For example, let assume you are viewing a smartphone review and you are seeing a grocery-related ad, would you click that ad. obviously not. But if instead of grocery ad if it shows a smartphone related ad then you might click on that.
  5. CTR rate – High CTR = More click = More money.

Others ways that YouTubers use to earn money

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Many YouTubers are relying on affiliate marketing instead of  Adsense. As affiliate marketing didn’t distract users wherein advertisement user distract most of the time. For affiliate marketing, you can find huge no of affiliate marketplace according to your niche. Here is the list of some best affiliate network – Amazon affiliate, Clickbank, Shareasale, commission junction, flexoffers, impact etc.
  2. Sponsor videos – Sponsorship is one of the best choices to earn quick money. Just find a suitable product which perfectly fitted for your video then approach that product owner for a sponsorship.
  3. Sell own products – Selling own products is another way to earn money from youtube. For selling own product you can create your own store using Shopify ( Try Shopify 14 days for FREE).
  4. Selling own service – Like product selling, you can also sell your service like software design, website design, link building, virtual assistance, online courses etc. For these services, you can take some platform to create your service ( Ex- Udemy, Fiverr ). Or you can create your own website for that. ( Use fastcomet SSD hosting for your website. Get lifetime free domain, SSL, SSD storage below $100)
No. Youtubers didn’t get any money for likes. But likes definitely increase that videos reach. So indirectly a likes proportionate to videos earning.

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